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Educating the Greater Sacramento area since 2008

With over a decade of teaching experience, Sac Piano Lessons has always emphasized the development of its educational craft as its paramount priority. Teaching in and of itself is an art form that can always be improved. We take inspiration from a multitude of professionals and schools of study to provide the most exceptional educational experience possible. Headquartered in Midtown Sacramento, Sac Piano Lessons reaches clients all throughout the Greater Sacramento area. We specialize in linking higher order life principles with the necessary skillsets of piano.

We excel in providing students the foundational knowledge to be able to educate themselves. We don’t want our students to be dependent upon consistent instruction. Life is busy and if you aren’t able to take lessons we don’t want that to stop you from continuing to develop. From the very first lesson we set you up with a toolkit for continued independent learning.

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Areas of Focus


With a heavy influence from the Taubman Method, we focus on a holistic full body approach to piano technique. Alignment and proper utilization of one’s physiology is key. We focus on a keen, meditative approach to full body awareness which extends outside the bounds of piano.


Demystifying music theory is a key pillar of our educational experience. The utility of understanding the inner workings of how music operates is invaluable. Whether it is composing your own works or deconstructing classics, music theory provides the conceptual backbone to the art form.


To emote through music is an incredibly therapeutic experience. Piano is not just a conceptual endeveour but an emotional one as well. An awareness of your emotions and how they are being conveyed is a skill that is necessary in many areas of life, piano included.


Life can be quite spontaneous and that goes for music as well. Improvisation is the essence of the creative spirit. Music is not a rigid, robotic art form but rather a flowing, organic one. We will teach you the frameworks to be be able to improvise over anything you hear.


Music is a language and like any other language it uses symbols to convey information. To be able to read music is to allow yourself access to the wealth of musical wisdom in the world. We will teach you everything you need to know to be literate in the field.


To be able to show up at 100% when it matters the most can be an extremely overwhelming feat. Whether its a piano recital, business presentation, or difficult conversation the pressure of the outcome can leave us fumbling. We focus on developing the awareness of how we perceive these events and the subsequent reactions our body and brain go through.


After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music
— Aldous Huxley


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